Mark's Cubs Worship Pulpit

I spent much of the morning reading and answering e mails and Facebook posts about the Chicago Cubs losing to the New York Mets last night and now being down two games to zero in the National League Championship Series. I politely answered all the comments, and posted a semi-somber article from the Chicago Tribune written after last night’s loss and added the comment that the Cubs may be down, but they’re not out.

Why did I say that? Because I believe.

Real Cubs fans believe. They believe in things that few others do. They believe with an intensity and passion that is unmatched in sports, unmatched in almost every form of human existance except maybe doomed political campaigns. They believe no matter what the rest of the world has to say. They sometimes don’t know why, but they still believe.

A Blast From The PastI started believing at a very young age…

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