Are There Any HONEST Job Search Websites?

I’m learning some hard lessons in the job search.

I’ve already written about the challenges companies put in the way of job seekers by using online application and evaluation systems and how hard it is to speak with a hiring manager because they hide behind these bots.

Today, I applied for a job and had to answer a few questions, would I take a drug test?, am I cleared to work in the USA?, do I have at least a Master’s Degre?  When I answered “no” to that one, I was told I didn’t meet the minium requirements for that job and the application process stopped dead.  They wouldn’t even let me submit an application or talk in a cover letter about how some 35 years of work experience taught me a lot more than a Master’s Degree.  Thank YOU, Anheuser Busch, for being so open minded.

I’ve signed up for quite a few job sites, and I know they all want to show the people who list with them that they can deliver the best candidates, but sites like send me e mails every day with a list of jobs I’m neither qualified for or interested in taking.  Yeah, I’d be a GREAT over the road hauler.

Sites like seem to exist only to take job seekers’ money, not to really help them. Many of the jobs the list are already filled, when I sent a note asking for customer service, got an auto-response saying it would cost me at least $25 to interact with someone who could help me. This is what bounced back to me:

10:26 AM
to me
Dear Reader,

This is an automated email. Thanks for writing in!

Live support from one of our Job Search Advisors is reserved for Premium members, but don’t worry – there’s lots of other ways you can get support.

If you’d simply like to make a change to your membership please visit:

The best way to get any membership questions answered is by chatting with us. Please click on the link below to start chatting now:

If you’re experiencing technical troubles you can reach out to the tech support team directly by calling 1-877-302-4239.

TheLadders Team

I know we’re all in business to make money, but it doesn’t seem right for The Ladders and other job sites to bait and switch job seekers like that.  Since they wouldn’t even look at my note without money changing hands, I posted a note on their CEO’s blog (which has since been removed) explaining how I felt about the way they do business.

I did get a call from some flunky in The Ladders office who confirmed that therre were indeed dead ends and jobs that didn’t exist on their site and that he had personally seen that one of the jobs they sent me was not an actual listing.  Then he offered me a two week trial of their “Premium Service” but I’d still have to give him a credit card and be responsible for cancelling the special trial or I’d be billed up to $25 a month automatically.  Are you KIDDING me?  You treat me like dirt and then try to extract money from me?  An amazing case of indifference at best, predatory taking advantage of the unemployed at worst.

I just want to find a job that will let me keep my house and feed my family.  Why does it seem like the online job sites are all so sketchy, or seem like they’re running a scam?

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