Cheaper Than an iPhone 4S: At End of Emails, Type ‘Sent from my iPhone 4S’ « Borowitz Report

CUPERTINO (The Borowitz Report) – A clever work-around discovered by a tech-savvy smart phone user has enabled millions of consumers to avoid buying Apple’s heavily touted iPhone 4S: at the end of emails, they merely type, “Sent from my iPhone 4S.”

Tracy Klugian, a self-described “gizmo fanatic” from Akron, Ohio came up with the ingenious solution after deciding that the iPhone 4S’s price tag was too rich for his blood.

“I’m glad that this work-around will give non-iPhone 4S owners the same thrill that people who spent $299 on it have been experiencing,” he said.  “It’s definitely a much cheaper way to go.”

Across the country, millions of iPhone 4S owners who learned about Mr. Klugian’s inventive fix jammed Apple stores to return their devices, many of them purchased just hours earlier.

“The only reason I bought an iPhone 4S was to let people know that I owned an iPhone 4S,” said Donnelly Rixon, 24, a self-described “douche” from Sacramento.  “This wrecks everything.”

An official statement from Apple indicated that the company would not accept returns of the costly devices, but assured consumers that the $299 price tag was well worth it: “The iPhone 4S is the most amazing device in the history of the smart phone, until the iPhone 5, which will be released tomorrow.”

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