TV Broadcast Morning Shows Add 1.2 Million Viewers in Past Year (probably from radio)- TVNewser

Much like their evening news counterparts, America’s morning shows are on the rise as well. In the just finished second quarter, NBC’s “Today,” ABC’s “Good Morning America” and CBS’s “The Early Show” added a combined 1.2 million viewers compared to the same period last year.

ABC’s “Good Morning America” was up the most in Total Viewers ( 14.75%) and A25-54 viewers ( 8.8%). This was the show’s most-watched second quarter in six years in Total Viewers and the most-watched in three years in younger viewers.

“GMA” still trails NBC’s “Today” by an average of 700K viewers each day. The #1 morning show, which saw an anchor change earlier this month, is up 9.6% year-over-year in Total Viewers and up 5.6% in A25-54 viewers. “The Early Show” was also up in Total Viewers ( 2.4%) but it was the only show to shed A25-54 viewers (-1.21%).

The averages for Q2 2011:

  • Total Viewers: NBC: 5.60M / ABC: 4.90M / CBS: 2.51M
  • A25-54 viewers: NBC: 2.52M / ABC: 1.85M / CBS: 988K

The part in parenthesis is MY edit of the headline.

This is kind of a “closed circuit” post to my brothers and sisters in radio. Where do you think those 1.2 MILLION morning show viewers came from? And what about all the people watching the shows before the network shows? I’ll give you a minute to think about that and how you’re going to come up with something more compelling to keep your listeners. Wait, you’ll need a LOT more than a minute to figure this problem out. We as radio broadcasters have GIVEN these listeners to TV.

Now how do we get them back?


2 thoughts on “TV Broadcast Morning Shows Add 1.2 Million Viewers in Past Year (probably from radio)- TVNewser

  1. Edwards San- Compelling question, to be sure. My answer: More slogans (more rock, less talk, etc etc) ain’t gonna do it. Nor will gimmicky contests. As has been the case for better than a decade now, radio needs to nurture and develop its talent. It’s the only thing that separates us from the Ipod. “Personality” doesn’t mean wacky banter and bad sound effects. It means CONNECTING with the listener, letting them into your world so they let you into theirs. Obviously just the tip of the iceberg, but that would be a start. Might be a good idea if radio started spending some serious marketing dollars promoting its product and its shows too.
    That, and less mope-i-tude. Run with it. It’s yours now.

  2. Mark, it’s also possible that this reflects the 9% of Americans out of work, who now have nothing better to do than watch TV each morning, when they would normally have been commuting to their jobs.

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