Leslie Nielsen’s Greatest Work

I tend to blog about people who have left us, and while I know I'm far behind on blogging about my adventures in Kansas City, I had to acknowledge the passing of Leslie Nielsen

Nielsen was a versatile and accomplished actor who had a distinguished career before finding a second life in the 1980's as a deadpan funnyman in films like Airplane! and the Naked Gun series.  But perhaps some of his funniest work was in a six episode series that aired on ABC in 1982 called Police Squad!.Police_Squad_zaz_aff.jpgActually, the first four episodes of the show aired in March of that year, and the braintrust at ABC decided to shelve the show because of dismal ratings, only to bring back the remaining two episodes in July of that year.  This was cult TV at its best, and in many ways far too advanced for its time, at least on ABC.  The series was the springboard for the Naked Gun movies, and is one of the funniest shows to never become a hit.

The good news is that the website TV.com has preserved the six episodes of the show for your viewing pleasure.  So while everyone around you is looking for deals on the Internet on Cyber Monday, I suggest you check out some true comedy gold right here

Thank me later.


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