Cubs Sweep Cards, No Sane Person Cares

For the first time since 1988, the Cubs have swept the hapless Cardinals in a three game series in St. Louis.  The 2010 season record in the Cubs/Cards series is now 8-4 in favor of the Cubs. I know it means absolutely nothing as the Cubs have been eliminated from the playoffs and the Cardinals are hanging on by a thread and sure to be playing golf instead of baseball in October.  But nothing makes a Cubs fan happier than a sweep of ANY team, and brooming the hapless Cardinals is a bonus.

The Cubs and Cards have three more games to play this year, starting September 24 at the Friendly Confines Of Wrigley Field.  I’m planning on attending those games as I bid a fond adieu to the Cubs Season Of Shame and hope for more Cardinals losses at the hands of the Cubs.

Speaking of hope, I still have high hopes for the 2011 season, even though the 2010 campaign still isn’t over.  That’s the joy of being a Cubs fan.  You always look forward to next year


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