REAL Casino Advertises on Kids’ Game Site

I’m no prude, and I’ve been known to visit casinos in my lifetime, but imagine my surprise when my 10 year old was playing on a supposedly kid-safe site,, and the screen looked like this:


I know things are tough at this particular casino in St. Louis, but is it really necessary to go after 10 year olds as you try to build your customer base?

I sent a complaint to through a link under every ad that lets you report ads.  Gave them my e mail address.  We’ll see if I ever hear back from them.


2 thoughts on “REAL Casino Advertises on Kids’ Game Site

  1. As promised, here is the completely clueless response from the company:

    Anna, Aug 16 09:30 (PDT):

    Dear Mark,

    We work hard to make ROBLOX a safe and fun site for kids of all ages. If you come across a bad or inappropriate pop-up ad (not a user created ad) please first check to make sure that you did not accidentally download malware or spyware from another site. Malware/spyware can create pop-up ads no matter which website you go to, that are not associated with that site itself. There are lots of great anti-spyware programs out there for getting malware/spyware off your computer. You can do a google search to find one.

    If you come across a bad user created ad, then please use the [report] link in the upper right hand corner to report those ads to our moderators.

    If, after you’ve run an anti-spyware program, you’re still seeing a bad ad, please provide us with a link and screen shot of the advertisement. You can also use the [feedback] link for advertisements on our website to help report any inappropriate ad.


    I did have a conversation with a higher up in the company, and he admitted that the person who sent the note was a bit out of the loop. I think they are aware of the issue, use an outside source to fill up some unused banner ads, and will be a bit more diligent with what ads they serve.

  2. I received this comment on my primary blog and thought it sould be passed along.

    The banner ad was removed as soon as it was brought to our attention. It was never our intention to advertise on a site that is frequently visited by minors. Thank you Mark for helping us discover the placement of our banner ad.
    Roxann M. Kinkade, APR, Corporate Director of External Communications, Ameristar Casinos, Inc.

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