OK Cubs, Now Its YOUR Turn. Please, Before I Die.

I realized something very disturbing today.  EVERY Major League sports franchise in Chicago has won a championship in my lifetime, EXCEPT ONE.


 Nothing warms the cockles of my heart quite as much as seeing a Chicago sports team win a Championship.  With that in mind, I congratulate the Blackhawks on winning Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Wednesday’s victory now means that EVERY major league sports franchise in Chicago has now won their sport’s championship in my lifetime.  Except the one I really care about. 

 The Eternal Flame still burns, albeit a bit dimmer as each day passes, and hope springs eternal that the Cubs will someday bring a World Series Championship to the Windy City.  Sadly, my heroes have let me down more than most girls I dated in High School, so I’m not feeling too good about this year’s chances. 

What both amazes and amuses me is that there was a time that the Cubs were thisclose to glory. Not the Bartman game, but a strong team and an organization led by John McDonough, a career Cubs employee who rose through the marketing ranks to become President of the team and understood what it took to put a winning team on the field and butts in the seats.  And where is John McDonough today?  He’s the President of the CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS.  He took a team that hasn’t won a championship in forever, built a world-class team, built a fan base, and now the Stanley Cup is in his office.

Is there a lesson here?  Probably, but I’m too dejected at the way the Cubs are playing to verbalize it.  I don’t know if its the Front Office, Sweet Lou, or the players, but the team just doesn’t have what it takes to be great. 

Maybe they should watch some Blackhawks games.  They might learn something.

While I’m on the subject of the Stanley Cup, I have to congratulate the legenda ry Gene Honda,  who is  the Dean of Chicago Public Address Announcers.  Gene has been the PA voice of the World Series Champion Chicago White Sox, the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, The NCAA Final Four basketball tournament, The Chicago Marathon, and countless other major events. No human being has had the honor of calling so many championship games, and Gene has done an amazing job of being an integral part of the game without getting the credit he deserves for adding to the experience of living a Championship Moment.  Congratulations to you, my friend, for being part of yet another Championship Team.  I hope to see you in the parade Friday!




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