Mark Edwards Programs KYKY to Top Hot AC Radio Station in America

According to a report in the May 28th Inside Radio, the Hot AC radio format is doing incredibly well across the country.  And doing best of the Hot AC stations in Arbitron’s electronically measured markets is KYKY, Y98 in St. Louis.

I’m blessed with a great company to work for, an incredible staff on the air and behind the scenes, and a “whatever it takes” attitude from everyone even remotely connected with Y98.  Thanks to Inside Radio for the recognition, to the listeners of St. Louis for making KYKY not only top of this chart, but the most listened to radio station in St. Louis for the month of April,, 2010, and to all the artists we work with for the great music they’ve given us to play.

Summertime is here, and Y98 is the OFFICIAL Station Of Summer in St. Louis.  We’ve got concerts, contests, and cool events all summer long.  2010 promises to the a great year for KYKY!

Posted via email from Mark Edwards 3.0


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