More reasons to vote YES on Proposition A in St. Louis TODAY


Passage of "Proposition A" is Critical to the Region's Transit System and Economic Growth

If you live in St. Louis County, the RCGA strongly urges you to VOTE TODAY for PROPOSITION A, a one-half cent sales tax increase to support local transit.

Polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

If passed, the sales tax would generate approximately
$75 million each year for operations, maintenance and expansion of MetroLink, MetroBus, and disabled and senior public transportation.
If the proposition fails, transit service could be cut by as much as 50%
, many workers will be left without access to jobs, and senior and the disabled will lose independence and mobility. 
To learn more about how Metro helps workers, students, and other St. Louisans get around the region, click on the picture below. 


A strong transit system is necessary for building a vibrant economy and moving the region forward.  Chesterfield Mayor John Nations, who is chairing the campaign for Prop A, understands the critical role that regional transit plays in economic development.  Nations said, "If you can't move people, you can't create or retain jobs.  Metro provides quality public transportation that is essential for building a strong economic environment in our community and enhancing the quality of life of our residents."


About St. Louis

More than 100,000 individuals board a Metro bus, train or van each day, amounting to nearly 53 million trips a year.

Prior to the March 2009 service cuts, 97% of all jobs in St. Louis City and St. Louis County could be reached by riding Metro transit.

Transit is vital to training our region's workforce, as 10% of MetroBus and 7% of MetroLink riders are students traveling to school.

Metro's on-time performance, vehicle reliability and safety record rank among the best in the nation.

Metro transit operates with one of the lowest costs per passenger taxpayers.

Prior to the 2009 service reduction, Metro transit experienced an 18% increase in ridership over a 5 year period.

I use public transit every day, and along with thousands of others face the real possibility of not being able to get to my job if Proposition A doesn't pass.  Please take the time to vote YES on Proposition A today. 
Thank you in advance for supporting transit and the economic stability of our region.

Posted via email from Mark Edwards 3.0


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