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It is Valentine%u2019s Day!  Time for everyone to get their heart on!  For us Dads it is one of those days (like birthdays, anniversaries, the day you and your significant other met, etc.) that is best not forgotten.  There are many ways to recognize the day and reveal your romantic side, and like most things in life, the best ways to show your love and appreciation and look more Cupid than stupid is to keep things simple and sincere.  With that in mind, here are%u2026

5 Ways To Avoid A Valentine%u2019s Day Massacre:

1. Flowers %u2013 Yes, a rose by any other name is still a rose, but giving a flower by any other name on Valentine%u2019s Day ain%u2019t gonna cut it.  Of course a dozen (or two) is best, but even a single long stem, elegantly and lovingly presented, goes a long way.  While roses come in a literal rainbow of colors these days, this is the one occasion when RED is a must.  Any roses are better than no roses, and in order of preference you can get your roses a) delivered, at a surprise location, by a florist, b) at your local supermarket, c) at a roadside stand, or d) cut, secretly, from the bush in your neighbor%u2019s yard.

2. Phone %u2013 If by some chance you are not with your Sweet Valentine today, make sure you call her before she calls you (and if you haven%u2019t already, stop reading this and do it now!). Make the call all about her, and how much you appreciate having her in your iife, etc. etc. etc.  This is the one day when you can%u2019t get too sappy, Even if you are with your Valentine today, use the phone to reach out and touch the other women in your life.  Valentine%u2019s Day is a great day to call moms, mothers-in-laws, sisters, daughters away from home, and tell them you love and appreciate them.

3. Food %u2013 It is no surprise that little cherub Cupid is on the pudgy side. From chocolates to breakfast in bed to dinner at a favorite restaurant, food is a wonderful way to nourish the heart on Valentine%u2019s Day. For many guys, our preferred thing to make for dinner is a reservation, but as Digital Dad CC Chapman recommends, Valentine%u2019s Day is also a great day to don the apron and actually cook for your better half.

4. Words %u2013 Cards are great, and they come in all shapes and sizes and now they even talk and play music, but don%u2019t leave it to Hallmark to make a real impression on your Valentine.  Whether you are a Shakespeare or not, today is the day to put a few sentiments in your own words.  If you are adventurous, write a poem (Haiku is easy and elegant).  There is no such thing as bad original poetry, especially on Valentine%u2019s Day.  Give it a shot, and whatever you choose to do, make sure your words are hand written!  Do not type and print them!

5. The other 364 Days of the year %u2013 And of course, the BEST way to avoid a Valentine%u2019s Day massacre is to not let today be the only day of the year you behave this way!  Flowers, sweet phone calls, food and words are ways you can be expressing your love and appreciation all year long.   Sprinkle them unexpectedly into your routine to keep your Valentine smiling all year round.  Do that, and every day can be Valentine%u2019s Day!

If you have some additional tips. please add them in the comments.  In any event, Happy Valentine%u2019s Day!

Jeff Sass is the proud dad of ZEO (Zach, 21, Ethan, 19 and Olivia, 18).  He is also a seasoned entertainment and technology exec and active social media enthusiast.  You can see more of Jeff%u2019s writing at Sassholes! and Social Networking Rehab.

Photo Credit: � AlienCat %u2013 Fotolia.com

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